Visitor management

We work with the SAC Partnership, landowners, visitor attractions, recreation user groups and visitor-related businesses to:

Make sure that the AONB can be enjoyed sustainably.
Encouraging visitors to tread lightly in the Chase.
Providing a greener experience for visitors.

A major appeal of the AONB is the opportunity that it provides to enjoy the open air and the peace and tranquillity.  This is made possible by an extensive network of rides and paths (including sections of a number of longer distance paths) and the large areas of land over which people can freely roam.

We aim to ensure that people of all abilities can enjoy the outstanding landscape offered by Cannock Chase AONB in ways that protect its special qualities.  We want to encourage people to act responsibly in the countryside and to respect other users.

The high population of the surrounding conurbations mean that recreational demands within the AONB are high and placing a strain on the visitor infrastructure as well as the special qualities of the AONB itself.  2.3 million visited the AONB in 2010/11, up from an estimated 1.3 million in 2000.  The number of visitors is expected to carry on rising as a result of the significant increases in new housing being proposed nearby.  Soil erosion, disturbance to wildlife, loss of tranquillity and reduced visitor experience are some of the consequences.

Visitor management

The SAC Partnership is identifying ways to reduce the negative impacts of recreation on sensitive wildlife sites and species and improve the visitor experience by reviewing visitor facilities and activities inside and outside the AONB.

Interpretation strategy

In 2020 we will complete an Interpretation Strategy for the AONB with the aim of developing the sense of Cannock Chase AONB as a special place for everyone who lives in, works within or visits the area, so that they can contribute positively to shaping its future.