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Sense of Place Toolkit

Cannock Chase is a beautiful wilderness in the heart of the busy West Midlands, and one of Staffordshire’s most visited and loved places. So familiar to those who live and work here, it is easy to take it for granted. Yet it is a precious and fragile resource that needs looking after, so that we can all continue to benefit from it environmentally, economically and socially.

The toolkit

A Sense of Place toolkit has been developed to remind those who already know Cannock Chase why it is a national landscape and what makes it special. It aims to bring to life in words and pictures the wonders and fascination of this small but beautiful area.

Business locators

We’ve created a series of business locators, based on the Cannock Chase logo, designed to assist local businesses and communities to promote the fact that they operate within, or are associated with, the beautiful Cannock Chase national landscape. The business locators are available for all registered businesses to use.

Stunning images

The maxim ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is a cornerstone of the Cannock Chase place brand. A library of photographs, sourced from the region’s finest landscape photographers, is available for all registered businesses to use.

We hope you will find it useful to dip into and embed within your own business and activities. We also want you to pass on the message, encouraging others to experience this wild and beautiful place, so that they enjoy and value it as much as you.

Registering your business and signing up to our Terms and Conditions of Use gives you access to the toolkit, and the use of the Cannock Chase logo, business locators and a range of stunning images.

Header photo credit: Ron Evans