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Sunset over Cannock Chase

State of the AONB

State of the AONB Report 2018 (13 MB) report was produced in 2018 to provide evidence to underpin and support the Cannock Chase AONB Management Plan 2019-24.

What is a State of AONB report?

A new State of the AONB report has been prepared drawing upon all available data sources to produce an evidence base to underpin the new AONB Management Plan. It provides an updated and comprehensive baseline for future AONB condition monitoring and enables trends since the publication of the previous 2010 State of the AONB report to be analysed and reasons behind trends to be explored.

It examines indicators for:

Landscape character and planning theme, including agricultural landscape character, woodland cover and management, settlement and planning and visual and perceptual qualities sub-themes.
Biodiversity and geodiversity.
Historic environment.
Visitor management.
People and socioeconomic profile.

Story Map

You can view the story map of the report online.
Please note: this does not work in Internet Explorer, but works well in all other browsers and on mobiles.

Previous reports

Digital copies available on request:

  • State of the AONB Report 2010
  • State of the AONB Report 2004