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The People Perspective: James Elwell

During the period of agricultural improvement in the 18th and 19th centuries, many large landowners created extensive areas of ornamental parkland around their place of residence.  Cannock Chase includes survivals of a number of historic parklands dating from this and earlier times, for example, at Beaudesert, Teddesley, Hatherton Hall, Tixall Hall and Shugborough Park.  Shugborough Park, now managed by the National Trust, is a well-unified and self-contained landscape, with a strong identity and impression of timelessness. It is the most popular visitor attraction on Cannock Chase.

How would you describe your business, and what is the story of your relationship with Cannock Chase?

We are a visitor attraction and conservation charity, set in a historical landscape that exists to conserve, protect and provide access to historic and beautiful places. Located on the northern edge of Cannock Chase, we care for historical gardens, parkland and buildings as well as the wider landscape and areas of landscape that connect to it and to Cannock Chase.

How would you say your business benefits from its location and relationship with Cannock Chase?

In being part of a wider landscape that delivers protection and access to nature, the outdoors and exercise in a heavily populated area.  There are also conservation benefits of being able to join landscapes and habitats together.

How would you describe Cannock Chase to someone who has never visited?

A place of beautiful wildness that provides easy access for a short or long walk and an opportunity to really get away from it all and feel the benefits of beautiful views, fresh air and closeness to nature.