Caring for the Nightjar

During the main breeding season from May to August we want all our visitors to enjoy visiting and using the Chase safely. Please consider the following to support the protection and conservation of ground nesting birds and the Nightjar, a priority species, to continue to aid its recovery.

  • Keep dogs on leads during the breeding period from April to August to avoid putting nightjar and other ground-nesting birds at risk.
  • Be aware that cycling, particularly at night with lights, on forest roads and tracks can be a risk to nightjar. They rest and forage along forest roads and tracks.
  • The use of powerful lights to illuminate forest roads and tracks could dazzle the birds, increasing the risk of the bird being run over.
  • Remember electric bikes are quiet, the birds will not hear you coming.

West Midlands Bird Club has produced a Guide to ethical bird photography which provides further information.

We would encourage all users to become Cannock Chase Champions by following the Cannock Chase code.